Thе Rainforest Company was founded in 2016 with the goal of offering high quality superfoods with fair trade from the Amazon Rainforest. We have committed to donate 5 cents per sold Açaí Pack for environmental projects. In one project, for example, we are working to buy land in the rainforest that would otherwise be endangered by grubbing. We focus on sustainably improving the conservation of the rainforest, and the lives of the people involved in the harvesting of our produce.
Our products are harvested 100% naturally, ethically and sustainably wild-growing in nature. That is, there are no plantations that consume water or affect the environment. We source and process our açaí directly at the source to protect the environment and to ensure maximum product quality. Our açaí is processed within 24 hours after harvest. With this quality standard we want to expand our product range in the next few months.
Of course, it is also necessary to regularly visit the Açaí harvest in the Amazon. The Açaí harvest runs every year from September to December on the Amazon Delta. Last October, model and fitness blogger Sylwina accompanied us on our journey and documented your experiences as a video. In the following you can see the documentation of Sylwina.