Social Superfood: Açaí

It all started with our trip to Brazil. It was there, where we discovered our first Açaí Bowls, a piece of Brazilian lifestyle. Since then, Açaí has reminded us wonderful memories and today, we want to tell the true story behind this exotic berry. The story of the Açaí farmers and the Amazon rainforest.
As the largest rainforest on the planet, the Amazon is our world’s most important ecosystem which sustains and balances all life on Earth.
Heavily exploited due to its rich and abundant resources, this fragile habitat is under threat as it is facing deforestation and destruction.
With the Rainforest Company, we want to help and make a difference by sustainably source Açaí in harmony with local communities. We believe that through responsible food and drink production and healthy consumption habits we can significantly influence our environment and provide long lasting positive impact on our planet.
That’s why we are developing and marketing innovative sustainably grown, naturally processed and directly traded rainforest fruit products. In this process, we want to promote a meaningful usage of the rainforest for our farmers. We are making sure that our wild-harvested Açaí berries are directly traded with certified small farmers cooperatives. This direct trade in return improves our communities living conditions and help them to become financially self-sustainable. In addition, we are committed to give something in return. It is therefore important for us to donate a portion of our income to environmental projects that aims to promote the conservation of the rainforest.
Welcome to The Rainforest Co. We are looking forward to see you here.
Bana and Jan
Founder of The Rainforest Company