Clean Energy for the Rainforest

In the darkest regions of Brazil, solar collectors bring light - and could protect the rainforest. At least 2 million people in the Brazilian Amazon have no regular access to electricity. It may seem paradoxical to allow people access to electricity to protect the Amazon rainforest. But one has to consider what solar collectors can replace: The farming families today depend on smelly, loud and expensive diesel generators to generate electricity for their households. This is not only extremely inefficient but also harmful to the environment.

Solar collectors could reduce the use of generators and thus the emission of pollutants. It would also make farmers' families less dependent on expensive fossil fuels.

Together with several farming families from the Cametá region, in the north of the Amazon region, we launched the "Clean Energy for the Rainforest" project in October 2017. The project aims to install solar panels in villages along the river. The aim is always to help the farming families with whom we work in the Amazon rainforest to lead a self-determined life. Jan-Philipp, our co-founder is a trained renewable energy engineer and will conduct the pilot project with the farming families and explain how they can use this technology for themselves. After all, the knowledge should remain with the farming families in order to create sustainability.