Ordering and delivery information

3. Delivery

3.1. Delivery of goods 

(1) The delivery of the goods will be made directly to the delivery address and contact person provided by the customer or will be picked up at the chosen pick-up station (The Rainforest Company partner, participating specialist shop). The delivery is made by the transport service provider. The delivery takes place where accessible to the front door to individuals and to the reception at corporate customers.

3.2. Delivery and pick-up arrangements

(1) The Rainforest Company and its suppliers are committed to meeting delivery deadlines. However, all delivery times announced by The Rainforest Company are for guidance only. Non-compliance with the delivery deadlines does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to claim damages. In the event that The Rainforest Company or its supplier is unable to deliver an order certified by The Rainforest Company, The Rainforest Company shall have no obligation to otherwise perform the delivery. As a result, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

(2) The terms of delivery are regulated as follows:

Delivery to private households or corporate customers

Delivery to pickup points (partner locations)

  • Personal delivery by parcel postman on the selected day at the time when parcels are usually delivered to the house / apartment door.
  • In case of absence, the order will be deposited in front of your house or if possible apartment door.
  • Refrigerated products are supplied in cool boxes with cooling elements
  • Frozen products are delivered in cool boxes with dry ice.
  • These cooling arrangements ensure good cooling conditions. Please note, however, that the cooling capacity is limited by external factors, e.g. high outside temperatures, can be affected. 
  • Personal handover by employees of the Pick Station on the selected delivery day at the respective opening hours.
  • The delivery of your order takes place in carrying bags or disposable packaging.
  • Cooling is guaranteed until collection by the customer.

(3) We are entitled to partial deliveries, as far as this is reasonable for you.
(4) For orders of customers living or working abroad or for reasonable grounds for a risk of payment default, we reserve the right to deliver after receipt of the purchase price plus shipping costs (prepayment reservation). If we make use of the advance payment reservation, we will inform you immediately. In this case, the delivery period begins with payment of the purchase price and shipping costs.

(5) Delivery of goods will be made directly to the delivery address and contact person provided by the customer. The delivery is made by the personal delivery service of The Rainforest Company or by various services of the delivery partners. The delivery takes place where accessible to the front door to individuals and to the reception / reception at corporate customers.

3.3. Deposit of deliveries

For quality and safety reasons, The Rainforest Company strives to personally hand over the delivery of the goods to the customer. If a personal delivery during the agreed delivery time is not possible, the goods will either be deposited at the front door or brought back to the postal station. With the delivery of the goods, respectively the deposit of the goods on the doorstep, the benefits and risks, in particular the risk of theft, damages by third parties and environmental influences are transferred to the customer. Deliveries by the delivery partners to addresses without home deliveries are deposited at the place where the parcel service for such addresses deposits packages.

3.4. Delivery fees 

The amount of the delivery fee depends on the delivery method and the order value. Depending on the assortment and delivery method, a minimum order value may apply. The shipping costs for deliveries abroad are different. Please inquire with our order service team under the telephone number +41 44 281 9003. If we fulfill your order in accordance with § 3 exp. 1 by partial deliveries, you will only receive shipping costs for the first partial delivery. If the partial deliveries are made at your request, we charge shipping costs for every partial delivery.

3.5. Delivery note and invoice

Delivery notes and invoices are always sent electronically.

3.6. Cancellation of delivery by The Rainforest Company  

If for reasons beyond the control of The Rainforest Company, such as wrong delivery address, absence of the recipient, missing access permit, bad weather or traffic conditions, make the successful delivery not possible or only under difficult circumstances, the Rainforest Company is entitled to cancel the order. Any claim of the customer for damages or real compensation is in this case completely excluded.

3.7. Returns and exchange 

Any order from The Rainforest Company is binding. Exchange and return of delivered goods are generally not possible, except for deviating from the order or damaged by the transport supplies and faulty goods.
Defects must be complained of immediately upon receipt of the goods. Otherwise, the goods are considered to be properly accepted by the customer. Obscured defects must be reported to The Rainforest Company Customer Service by email to info@therainforestco.com as soon as they are discovered.
Returns agreed with The Rainforest Company Customer Service should be returned to:
The Rainforest Company GmbH
Limmatquai 86
8001 Zurich
Once your return has been received in our warehouse and checked, we will refund the amount. The refund varies depending on the method of payment and takes place within 14 days of receipt of the return.
Credit card: The credit will be taken to your credit card account. You will see the booking from your next credit card statement.

Invoice Purchase: Your invoice will be reduced by the value of the returned item. You then only pay for the goods they have kept. If the transfer has already taken place, the amount will be credited to your bank account. For this we need from you the bank data (IBAN, BIC and account holder). Once we have this data, the repayment is instructed.