Atlantic Rainforest Institution


Rainforests store water like a giant sponge. Without rainforests that constantly recycle large amounts of water, feed rivers, lakes and irrigation systems, droughts would occur more frequently and potentially lead to famine and disease. We also depend on trees to clean our atmosphere. They absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and provide the oxygen we need to breathe.

When rainforest trees are burned, they release carbon dioxide, which pollutes the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Deforestation is indeed seen as the second largest driver of climate change (more than the entire global transport sector), accounting for 18-25% of global annual CO2 emissions.

Saving rainforests is the fastest and most effective way to stabilize global climate change. It is a critical part and we need to act NOW!

We have joined forces with the NGO "Atlantic Rainforest Institution" to buy land in the rainforest to protect it not only from deforestation but also from the many species diversity. Atlantic Rainforest Institution was founded in 2005 by our good friend from Switzerland, Chris Bachmann, who invests a large part of the income from his company "Sudden Rush" in "Atlantic Rainforest Institution".

The Atlantic Rainforest is the most impressive example of conservation HOTSPOT - 93% of its original size has been destroyed in the last 500 years - extremely rich in biodiversity and under constant threat!

The main goal of the Atlantic Rainforest Institution is to preserve and reforest the truly endangered and species-rich Atlantic Rainforest along the Atlantic coast of Brazil. All the intact rainforest, which is sponsored, will later be transferred to a "Reserva Particular de Patrimonio National" RPPN (Nature Reserve), which guarantees the protection of the government for eternity!

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